About The Course


The Journey Within

Before God takes you to a physical place of destiny and purpose, He’s going to take you to an inward place of discovery.


Identifying My Origin of Faith

God is no respecter of persons, and He wants to establish you with an anchor, an origin of faith directly related to a mandate that He had ordained for your life before you were even brought forth.


The Just Shall Live by Faith

Recognizing and accepting the profound life of living by faith for it is the only way God is pleased and proves His faithfulness and power everyday in bringing to pass His promise in your life.


Discovering the Will of God

Before God formed you, He knew you and before He brought you forth, He ordained you. In child-like faith, you can know it daily!


Your Walk Matters

There is a unfortunate misconception when we misuse grace to excuse away maturing and creating a steadfast walk of obedience rooted in love. Our walk reflects a willingness and obedience that draws you nearer to God and Him nearer you. This increases your faith in supernatural ways as it takes you from glory to glory in doing exploits for God.


Faithful is He Who Will Do It!

It is God who both causes you to will and to do of His good pleasure and He that has called you will perform His will through your life. This is the beauty of trusting and obeying God. He will bring it to pass according to the power that worketh in you!

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