Journey by Faith

Faith to Discover and Fulfill the Will of God: NOW!

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Regardless of where you are, where you started, and where you are going, faith will be the measure of all that you accomplish for God’s Kingdom. It is the economy of heaven and the ONLY way you will please God. It is all you need because out of faith even the world was made.


Never Ending Classes

Your faith must be always restored to continue on the 
Journey God has called you on. You must always feed your faith!

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Connect with others who are on their journey by faith to be encouraged and to encouage others.


In my travels, I meet people on their journey of faith and ask them how they have experienced faith to both discover and fulfill God’s will.

Journey By Faith

Short messages to inspire your faith to take the journey God has for you.

This lesson on faith is not what you would expect. It is not the traditional and customary teachings on faith that we, as individuals in pursuit of spiritual purpose, are accustom to hearing in a classroom setting or a traditional bible study or even ‘spiritualism’ that manifests itself in different forms. Though biblical (or otherwise), these teachings typically reiterate the basic tenants of the Christian faith as found in Hebrews 11:1. Rather, this lesson is for those who would move on towards perfection and maturity by the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

For starters, this is not in a classroom. I bring you along on my ‘journey by faith’ as I travel America in my RV fulfilling the will of God – ALL BY FAITH! I teach faith not by words alone but by action, and example, while unveiling the scriptures that establish a fresh revelation of faith. This method will release you into discovering God’s will with clarity and doing it with freedom, joy, love towards others, and confidence beyond logic, cultural correctness, or self-righteousness.

It is in the journey where God’s will is discovered and accomplished daily. There is no script or control because God has ordained my life before the foundations of the world, and all I need do is trust him and obey with a joy and an expectation of His faithfulness to bring to pass His promise through my life. He has never failed me!

NOTE: Though this is a free course and supported by free-willed offerings, please take this opportunity seriously to make use of this information for the glory of God. All accounts will be placed on suspension after 30 days of non-activity to maintain an effective website.


Learn how to take incremental steps towards doing.


Discover the very specifics of God's will for your life.


The Power of Yielding to God's grace to overcome hinderances.


Why having a heavenly mindset is crucial to embracing the life of faith.


Avoiding people and religion who will erode your faith


Join William's journey behind the scene and more!

God is removing all excuses for not being attentive to Him and His Will. The signs of the times have never been more evident that the Lord’s return is imminent, and those who place faith in Jesus as their savior must prepare to be judged for their labors.

This course is yours without cost. I am grateful to those who choose to support it with your contribution. However, the Lord shall provide for His kingdom. Therefore, you are invited to freely partake in this lesson to be equipped to fulfill all His will.  My joy is full in that I am doing His will in helping you discover and fulfill His Will NOW! Click on the enrollment button and start today. Be sure to join our community as well.

In Christ Love,

William Owens

Based on my New book

Each chapter begins with a story of my journey. It captures you with an authentic life of faith and how I approach each day, each task and how I am astonished by God’s faithfulness along with the amazing times we have together!


Chapter One - The Journey Within


Chapter Two - Identifying Your Origin of Faith


Chapter Three - It Starts with a Step of Faith


Chapter Four - Discovering the Will of God


Chapter Five - The Kingdom of God


Chapter Six - Rewards and Loss


Chapter Seven - Dead Faith


Chapter Eight - Jesus Will Complete the Work


Bonus Material - Steps to Rebuild Your Faith